Hard To Know (2018Jun28)



Hard To Know

With Time all things fail

The noble and the cruel.

The clock is invented, forgotten

And invented again.

As beauty fades, so cancer grows.

My non-existence precedes my life

As my life pre-dates

The resumption

Of my non-existence

And the question of:

Would I mind? Or Do I care?

Is subsumed beneath the weight

Of my lack of choice

About any of it—

The life, the death,

Or the rest.

The car that hits me

The car that swerves and misses

Both unasked for—and

Out of my control.

The illusion that we

Can schedule time

Is like the illusion of self-control

Or control of others—

Yes, here and there

Now and then

We decide—but whether

Our decisions effect

The chaotic flow

Of all else, undecided—

That is hard to know.




© June 16th, MMXVIII  by Xper Dunn

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