Ode to the Moody Blues (2015Aug22)

Saturday, August 22, 2015                                                          9:16 PM Ode to the Moody Blues What is the great hinge on which everything swings Where is the fabled gimbal for this swiveling world Why do I believe in its unbelievable power Wherefore am I … Continue reading

Upon Convalescing (2015Aug17)

Monday, August 17, 2015                                       11:30 AM Upon Convalescing Just let me rage against the air— Give me the strength to call out My fears and all my frustrations Let me know the sweet release Of obscene screaming and lashing out … Continue reading

The Legion of Peace (2015Aug09)

Sunday, August 09, 2015                                         7:08 PM The Legion of Peace   (2015Aug09) Consider how the river flows—it meets a stony ridge And swirls about it, finding its way forward through chaos— Then streams along when reaching banks broad and channels deep. … Continue reading

Nothing Worse Than Art

from six years ago….

Xper Dunn Is Here


There ain’t Nothing worse than Art

Cause Art’ll break your Heart

Even if you’ve Never Fallen

Deeply down in Love


An unpaid Actor plays a Part

Interrupted by a Fart

Just before Sweet words have Fallen

Sneezer gives’em a Shove


A Starving painter forms a Tart

Of Colors rich, Of Dawn’s first Start

But all the Beauty painter’s Drawn

Is repossessed Ungently of


The Keepers of the Shops and Carts

Who, without Coin, will ne’er Part

With Tools or stuff of Inspiration

Naye Food or comfort’s Cove.


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