Shall We Dance? (2015Jun18)


Shall We Dance?

We get ruffled by other people

Getting in our way.

The answer is to move in patterns

Configured for cooperation

But how to settle who steps where

When we have no time to rehearse

Life is one long improv

We have to make it up on the fly

If only we could all of us together

Plan our day, configure our pattern

Of dance steps in a billions long Conga

From sea to pole to plain.

(Just a little ditty for de day.The photo was taken by Jessica Dunn on Nov 25th, 2010)

poem- missed

from Shawn L. Bird

Shawn L. Bird

The mark was missed

the complications overwhelmed the need

for simplicity

and now the resulting confusion

obliterates the good intentions and the message

that she thought was being conveyed.

The arrow did not hit the target;

it is quivering in a tree several feet away,

but at least it’s not in anyone’s


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