“A Gray Morning’s Walk” -by XperDunn (2014Dec10)



Wednesday, December 10, 2014                    10:20 AM

“A Gray Morning’s Walk”  -by Xper Dunn


Un-snowed-on lawns of early winter

Bleak with tans and greys and browns

And darkly opalescent sky with hidden sun

Frame the crispy quiet of lackluster solitude.


Each year reminded of the feeling of endings,

Endings of years, of lives, of childhoods—

Reminded that part of life is the absence

Or loss of life, the emptiness of cold without snow.


The crunch of my own footsteps in the crackling air

And the sharp ringing of stiff-sapped twigs snapping

And silence highlighted by the faint rumble

Of far-off, unseen trucks and planes.


Future’s Epitaph (2014Dec06) by Xper Dunn


Saturday, December 06, 2014                         1:45 PM

Future’s Epitaph

TED talks on post modern meta-awareness

Keep me too busy to examine the underlying memes

Of my daily life—which changes, without my assent,

Nearly every day.

We fantasize with wide-screen cyber-punk fantasies

Of spaceships and computer minds

While we live with punches, slashes, legal torture

And genocide—some futuristic future we’ve got going on.

As we persist in locker-room cavemanisms

And snide, wink-wink racism

And ‘fuck the poor’.

Yeah, that’s a whiz-bang future we’ve got all gussied up

And ready to fly.

Robots and bullies,

Braniacs and bankers,

Rockets and riot gear,

Have a Coke and a rape and a smile!

O, don’t take it all so seriously—it’s

Only world domination

And the end of humanity’s dreams.

I don’t pay attention to politics.

I don’t pay attention.

I just pay.

Caveat Emptor

makes a fine epitaph

for the Global Village.