Northerners (Poem or Song ?) (2020Jun14)


In tha North, the Winds are Colder
And your Cheer is less Assured
For you soon Learn to be Solemn
Under Winter’s Ice-White Sword.

[ But the Chapped Cheek still
Can Crack a Smile
And the Rough Man make a Jest
Music still Warms in
A Northern Style—
Make a Heart Break, at its Crest. ]

In tha North, the Girls grow Older
And the Men’s Tools hard to Wield
For you soon Learn to be Solemn
Under Winter’s Ice-White Shield

In tha North, the Men are Colder—
They start Fights to say ‘Hello’.
For you soon Learn to be Solemn
Bearing Winter’s Ice-White Blow.

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