Everyone Else (2020Feb16)

Monday, February 17, 2020                                             12:34 AM Everyone Else   (2020Feb16)               Xper Dunn (c) Feb. 16, 2020   Everyone Else Money is Speech? Money is already Power. Allowing it Speech seems More an acquiescence-to-Power Than a Judgement. What kind of SCOTUS is … Continue reading

POEM: Spring Dusk (2017May16)

Monday, May 15, 2017                                            7:20 PM Spring Dusk   Fading lilac blooms and bleeding hearts wrestle the gusts Pushing the fluffed caravans across the mostly blue sky The rain has dried away for this afternoon and the sun Slants from … Continue reading

Wish List   (2017Mar31)

from the main blog…. Xper Dunn Is Here Friday, March 31, 2017                                            6:22 PM Wish List Feel the beauty Don’t turn away Don’t dismiss this moment Taste the pleasure—drink it in Dive deeply into the moment Don’t ask questions, don’t … Continue reading